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The Lipman Nurit 3010 wireless credit card equipment is the newest wireless offering from Lipman USA Inc, and mainly used by mobile & trade merchants who want to accept credit cards without being penalized with high discount rates. The culmination of many years experience in both wireless processing and POS device manufacturing, this third generation wireless product is a technological leader and an all-in-one solution. The self-contained unit includes an POS\EDC terminal, fast 12 line/sec thermal printer, internal pin pad, PCMCIA card slot (type I, II, and III), 12 hour rechargeable battery, internal smart card reader (optional), LAN line and wireless modem all enclosed within an incredibly compact package.


  • 1 megabyte of flash memory
  • Additional ¼ megabyte of transaction memory
  • Batch history retention (60 day min)
  • Fast 32 bit processor
  • Fast 12 line/sec printer (graphical, 2 ¼ inch wide paper, 24 columns)
  • Rear-access peripheral ports (RS-232, Pin Pad RJ14, and duplex RJ11 telephone)
  • Universal keypad (no templates)
  • Programmable quick keys (short-cuts) with on screen descriptors
  • Large back-lit display (20 characters by 5 lines) enhancing the graphical user interface and menu driven applications
  • Capabilities of credit, T&E charge cards, debit, ebt, checks (verification, guarantee, or truncation), pre-paid cards, loyalty cards, SmartCards (chip based), and private label or proprietary cards
  • 20 key keypad, full alpha-numeric entry
  • Dual Track reader (track 2 & 3 optional)
  • Optional 256kb, 512kb, 1 MB or more RAM
    Soft operating system for custom application
  • Reprogramming by standard telephone
  • 12 Hour rechargeable and user-replaceable NiMH battery
  • Internal and External battery chargers
  • Three level (tier) password protection, magnetic stripe (swiped) manager-level card
  • Internal wireless options of Cingular (BellSouth Wireless Data), CDPD, or Ardis
  • Dial modem @ 1200/2400bps for telephone line
  • Asynchronous and synchronous protocols supported by operating system. HDLC protocol supported by operating system
  • PCMCIA (Plug & Play) for GSM, Spread Spectrum, and Short-range RF (LAN)
  • Built in Smart Card Interface (optional)
  • Certified VisaCash and Mondex
  • SAMs: 2 internal board level, 2 user accessible internal


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