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The Hypercom T7P is an integrated terminal and printer, featuring a small footprint that saves counter space and eliminates clutter. The 35 key keyboard features single stroke activation for check, debit, void, refund, and many other functions. It is easy to learn and use.

The unit has a 512K memory for complex applications and has room for up to 200 transactions per batch. With a dial transaction response time under 10 seconds, the T7P is great for busy environments. There is also a peripheral port for Hypercoms S7 PIN pad for debit transactions.

The terminal also features a high visibility 2 line x 20 character back-lit LCD display making it excellent for restaurants and bars where there is not always sufficient light. The clerk-friendly operations make it easy to change paper and ribbons.

Hypercom T7P Product Highlights

  • Small footprint
  • 35 Key keyboard is easy to learn; simple to use
  • 512K memory
  • Under 10 second dial transaction response times
  • Clerk-friendly operations make it easy to change paper and ribbons
  • Cashier replaceable printer module
  • High visibility 2x20 back-lit LCD display
  • Full track 1 and 2 card reader is standard
  • IC card reader option

Regardless of your POS application, the T7P is a winner when it comes to price-performance. You'll save on clerk training, telephone line costs, processing time, and settlement time; at the right price and with room in the T7P to accommodate new software functionality as it is demanded by the marketplace. The unique replaceable printer module of the T7P eliminates the reliability problem that afflicts our competitors? integrated terminals.


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