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Why Check Guarantee?

Payment by check is a program no business should be without and a check Guarantee Service is a form of loss prevention that no business should be without!

As a business, you need to accept checks freely in order to take maximum advantage of a all those people and businesses who choose to pay by check and to do so without fear, if possible. However, accepting checks for purchases without protection from bad check writers can be very expensive and effect your profit and business. If you get a bad check not only are you out of profits, you are out of merchandise too! Then you're faced with collection headaches, more costs, and the possibility of never recovering on that bad check.
You need to accept checks to increase your profits but accepting checks may be risky. This is where a Check Guarantee Service can help you dramatically. Aside from loss prevention, a check guarantee service will also:

  • Designed for all business types
  • Maximizes every potential sales opportunity
  • Increase sales by allowing you to accept personal checks or company checks.
  • Encourage customers to come back and buy more.
  • Eliminate bad checks, collection costs, and their headaches.
  • Decreases lost sales due to declined checks.

Our Check Verification Program provide the latest technology available in verification services. We offer a wide range of verification options on multiple terminals and platforms. Our national databases allow lookups by MICR number (via a check reader for accuracy), manual MICR entry, Driver's License number (manual or MAG swipe), or a MICR/DL combination for check security. Our program integrate with many point-of-sale platforms and in most cases can be used with your existing credit card terminal and/or check reader you may already have. Some companies have you buy their proprietary equipment .

Our check recovery service eliminates the high cost associated with internal collections.

Other Benefits of Check Guarantee Service:

In addition to the Basic Program, you can custom design your very own Check Guarantee Program. You can choose among 10 different features that your business need.

Stop Payment Protection will protect you against Stop Payment.

Interest and Bank Fee Premium will reimburse your bank fee charges because of bounced checks.

And many more.

How it Works:

Check Verification Service is a simple process at the point-of-sale. The sales clerk simply enters the customer's information into the point-of-sale terminal or cash register. In just a few seconds we authorize the check from our database of millions of records.

Our check acceptance services let you accept Check Payments from your customers with peace of mind.

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